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Thursday Night Session

The Gregson Community & Arts Centre
33 Moorgate,  Lancaster,  LA1 3PY
Tel: 01524 849959         gregsoncentre@hotmail.co.uk


At 9pm on  Thursday nights, upstairs in the Olive bar at the Gregson, (Lancaster's brilliant community and arts centre) a diverse bunch of musicians gather to play a.very eclectic mix of (more or less) traditional music. 

From Morris tunes to minuets by way of Playford and Carolan, Polskas from Sweden,  Freilichs from Poland! Reels to ragtime and traditional tunes from the North West.

A good night has been know to feature fiddles, mandolins & bouzoukis, hurdy-gurdys, bagpipes of various descriptions, accordions & concertinas, pipe & tabor, sousaphone , flutes recorders & tin whistles

On this page, you can find a growing ( but random!) collection of tunes that tend to get played at these sessions.
They are in PDF (Acrobat) format, so you can print them out. You will need Adobe Reader (from here).
Some collections are available in ABC format.
Miscellaneous tune collections
Some of the vast range of music that gets played at the session

  (ABC) Waltzes, Jigs and Hornpipes from the North East
SCANDY TUNES(PDF)  (ABC)  Mostly Swedish. Polskas, Waltzes, Schottisches etc
NORTHERN TUNES(PDF)   (ABC) Tunes From Lancaster and the Lake District.
CAROLAN TUNES(PDF)  (ABC) Tunes by 18th Century blind Irish harpist Turlough O Carolan.
EARLY TUNES(PDF)   (ABC) Collection of European medieval & renaissance tunes.
CEILIDH TUNES (PDF)   Mostly British  & French dance tunes
PLAYFORD TUNES(PDF)   (ABC) A selection of C18 tunes from John Playford's "Complete Dancing Master"
SPANISH TUNES(PDF)   A random selection of Alboradas & Fandangos.
SLIP JIGS(PDF)  (ABC)  Some of the oldest and most interesting British tunes are in 9/8 
TUNES FROM ORCHESOGRAPHY(PDF)  (ABC) Tunes from a C16 French dance manual
RASMUS STORM(PDF)   (ABC) C18 Danish tunes from the tunebook of Rasmus Storm
GREEK & TURKISH TUNES etc (ABC)  What it says!

"Pheasant Feathers"
a book of folk tunes in traditional style by Andy Hornby is available here

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