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Pheasant Feathers

10 incl P&P

My interest in traditional music began with my brother’s Dubliners’ LPs. I started  playing the tin whistle, then the mandolin and discovered Irish music sessions. Lancaster was full of musicians in the early 80s (and still is!). Musicians passed through, bringing tunes from Scandinavia, France, the USA and beyond. There were visits to musical friends in France, Sweden and Spain.
Our regular Saturday session became very eclectic (Now on Thursdays at the Gregson in Lancaster..see the Thursday night page)

These tunes are a product of music I have absorbed over the years. The best tunes seem to come in one burst and don‘t change much afterwards. Others evolve in the playing, going through various incarnations and sometimes arriving back where they started! Then they need names! Tunes are a bit like short stories, their names often celebrate events, characters and places.

The dots are only the bare bones of the tunes. Traditional music has become so diverse through ornamentation, variation, and interpretation. Folk tunes are not fixed things; they evolve and develop with familiarity. Some tunes grab you, while others creep up on you!
As a ceilidh band player I tend to classify tunes according to the types of dances that could be done to them. Apart from the slow airs in the first section, the tunes are arranged according to their time signatures. Tunes in 3/4  are loosely divided into waltzes, mazurkas or polskas. Tunes in 4/4 and 2/4 may be reels, polkas, schottisches or hornpipes. The last section contains tunes in less familiar rhythms. Sometimes a tune just “comes out” and resists all attempts to tidy it up!

Most of these tunes are playable on a tin whistle (usually in the key of D), flute, fiddle, banjo, mandolin, concertina etc. Some fit on the bagpipes.
I hope you find something to your taste.                                   
Andy Hornby 2013

audio samples:  
Sorry these don't work on ipad & I'm not sure about Macs- the player uses "Flash" which Apple have some beef about.

Slow tunes
1. The New Dresser

2. Gwendas Welcome

3. Mr Hornby's Minuet

4. The Garden in Winter

5. The Back of Bowland

6. Alizon's Lament

7. Stoneleigh House

8. Ediths Waltz

9. The Markt Wald Waltz

10. Pat and Julian's Waltz

11. The Christmas Polska

12. Ellie's Polska

13. Farewell to Nun Street

14. Mazurka Du Lally

15. Menez Hom

16. Mazurka De l'Auberge

17. The Pogo Stick

18. The Jocular Constable

19. Snade Mill

20. Alice Nutter's Curse

21. The Caribou

22. Scott's Gurdy

23. The Butchers of Droitwich

24. Henry's Cat

25. Deep Cutting

26. The Marktwald Hornpipe


27. Charles'Polka

28. The Coxcomb Polka

29. The Hotchpotische

30. Mabbers' Gate

31. Tyson's Commodious Box

32. Tommy's Return


33. Fluff on the Carpet

34. The Bright Lights of Kirkwall

35. Marsascala

36. St Andrews Breakdown

37. The Recovery

38. The Freehold Rant

39. Pay the Piper

40. A Scotsman in Mexico

41. Two Francs Worth

42. Paddy Mulligan's

43. And Another Thing

44. Market Day

45. The Crook of Lune

46. The Clocks Back Jig

47. Roy's 20 Jig

48. Wiston Lodge

49. The trip to Slaidburn

50. The February March

Slip Jigs
51. Butter Side Down

52. Bashful Alley

3/2 Tunes
53. A Bird in the Hand

54. Malted Milk

55. The Wyresdale Hornpipe

Odd Rythyms
56,57,58. Young Andrew's Gallop/The Timely Consent/The Herald of Bores

59. Pheasant Feathers

60. Les Retroglisseurs

61. The Castle of Trim

62. The Hangover

63. Cathy Goes to Rio