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Listen to MP3s of Northern Frisk
The Female Rake/Spanish Jig/Mathew Briggs
Three lively jigs from the Winder manuscripts

The Galway and Belfast Hornpipes
recorded at Lancaster maritime museum Oct 2011

Minstrel's Fancy / Rowley Burn
A couple of Northumbrian hornpipes recorded at Lancaster maritime museum Oct 2011

Lancaster Lasses/Stanley for Ever (Mr Lane's Maggot)
A lovely local minuet and march recorded at Lancaster Maritime Museum Oct 2011.

Pretty Maggie/The Dead Cow
A couple of sprightly reels from "Winder"
Simon's Canadian Clog Waltz
A nice French sounding waltz
Fete de Village/The Caribou
A couple of Schottishes featuring Andy on Scottish Small Pipes
The Lunesdale or Lord Stranger's Hornpipe
An old hornpipe in 3/2 time.

recorded at Lancaster Maritime Museum Oct 2011.

(Thanks to Greg Stevens & Crookfinger Jack!)
Winder Minuets
A couple of cracking baroque minuets from Winder
The Worcester Wedding
Featuring Cathy's wonderful singing voice.
Contact  Northern Frisk       email    01524 382447

Northern Frisk   is a Ceilidh band based in Lancaster featuring:

Andy Hornby:   Mandolin, Tenor Banjo, Whistles, Scottish  Smallpipes
Cathy Hornby:  Guitar, songs
Simon Booth:    Melodions, Harmonicas

Between us, we have many years experience playing both for Ceilidh dances and in concert. For dancing, we use tunes that best fit the dances, wherever they are from!  Most of our repetoire is British or Irish, with a smattering of tunes from the rest of  Europe, the USA and a few of our own making.
("Pheasant Feathers" a collection of Andy's tunes is now available).

We also have a particular interest in rediscovering and reviving the traditional dance music of North West England.
(see the Winder Tunes page). In between dances or in concert, we often feature Cathy's wonderful singing voice.  

We work with many dance callers from across the North West who are very experienced at choosing dances to suit the occasion and the company. In between dances, we often play tunes and songs from our wider concert repetoire.  

"On behalf of Moorside PTA, I am writing to say thank you so much for coming and playing at our recent barn dance. Everyone had a fantastic time and this was made possible by your versatile playing and your skilled caller. We hope you enjoyed yourselves and look forward to our next barn dance!"

Just wanted to thank you and the band again: through your efforts (people loved the dancing!). We raised just over 1400.00,  We definitely want to book Northern Frisk again for next time!

.....Lancaster University Hiking Club

We just wanted to say thank you so very much for playing at our wedding. The band was fantastic and made the night so memorable and fun for everyone! We've had so many complements on the ceilidh, everyone really enjoyed themselves. We even had people who had previously insisted they didn't dance, up there giving it a go!    We hope we can have a dance with Northern Frisk again some time!

...Private wedding