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Moonlight Gazette  are:
Andy Hornby - mandolin, psaltery, oud, whistles
Howard Haigh - guitars, requinte guitar, percussion
featuring  guest artist Maja Bugge - cello
Recorded by Pat Simmons, SimmonSounds, Lancaster

1. Moonlight Gazette
A gentle interplay of Spanish guitar and mandolin backed up by guest artist Maja Bugge's

2. Lydia
Not so much a lament for a lost love but an experiment in the ancient Greek Lydian mode.

3. Dinaresade
Dinaresade was the lesser known sister of Sheherezade in the Tales from the Arabian Nights. The tune is from Syria with some improvised additions from Howard and Andy. As well as several guitars, it also features oud, bouzouki and percussion.

4. La Folia
Folias were originally dances tunes in 3/4 from Spain and Portugal. They are based around a chord sequence that lends itself to variations and became a favourite of baroque composers including Vivaldi and Scarlatti. We have put it into 4/4 and explored its Latin roots!

5. Hungarian Waltz
This started out as a tune from the  Winders of Wyresdale   and found its Latin cousin on the way.


6. Souk
A Moorish style riff on which we exchange short improvised phrases. Accompanying Howard's guitars, Andy is playing a psaltery, a cousin of the Arabic kanun. 

2. Autumn
A pastoral guitar piece by Howard, with double tracked low whistles by Andy.

3. Highfields

4. Tea at the Platform
Andy wrote this for a gig at a Steampunk festival in Morecambe. Steampunk aesthetics are wide ranging and hard to define, in music as well as clothes style. I decided something like a 1920s English jazz combo sound might be just the ticket..

5. Creole Quadrilles
Traditional quadrilles from Guadeloupe and Haiti. European country dances were taken to the plantations of the Carribbean and North America. Slaves were encouraged to dance the Quadrille rather than their own funkier dances but they made the music their own. These are the roots of Merengue and Danza.
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