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Dance music and songs from the North of England
and the Isle of Man.

with Andy and Cathy Hornby

Tunes for
Musikantentreffen at Markt Wald 2017
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Tune collections
tunes and songs from Northumberland (PDF)Northumbrian Collection (PDF)
tunes  from the Isle of Man (PDF)Manx Collection (PDF)
tunes from Lancaster and Cumbria (PDF)Lancaster and Cumbria Collection (PDF)

Audio files    NorthumbrianManxLancaster and Cumbria

Links The Wyresdale Greensleeves dance.PDF
The Farne project.. A great collection of tunes and recordings from Northumberland..
Information about the music of the Winder family from Wyresdale near Lancaster
Music of the Isle of Man website
Download  "The Northumbrian Minstrelsy"  a classic book of Northumbrian songs and tunes