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lino printing workshops

Next workshop:

Sunday 5th October  2014
cost 25 including materials

at The Gregson
Moorgate, Lancaster

For details or to book: 
or phone 01524 382447      


I will provide most materials and equipment but if you have any lino cutting tools or a sharp craft knife/scalpel and nice paper, bring them. A mid sized marker pen (CD writer/Sharpie pen is good) ,biro, pencil, graphite stick, tracing paper and carbon paper are useful for getting your design onto the lino.. 

I use water based ink (Jackson's own make) with  Daler block printing medium for stickiness (You can use acrylic paint with this medium). Oil based inks print well but are pretty smelly and some people can be sensitive to them. They're good for tinting in with watercolour later. You can use an oil based block-printing medium with ordinary oil colours but they take a good while to dry.

Soft cut lino comes in grey rubbery or off white plasticky.. The white is difficult to draw on. The surface is oily and needs cleaning (washing up liquid?) and rubbing down. CD or overhead projector pen works OK as does soft pencil. It doesn't take carbon paper but tracing paper with soft pencil rubbed on the back works.
The dark grey takes pen, pencil & biro  and cuts very nicely with scalpel or gouges.


If your design could be A6, It's faster to set up each print. It's also a good size to get done in the day and will maybe allow a second colour.  Don't worry if this is too restricting though. Bring a design or at least an idea to give you more time for printing. Keep designs bold and don't make lines too thin. Have a look at the gallery and previous work for inspiration. Try combining printing with stencilling or collage.


prints from
 January 2014

prints from
swan  Some of 
my linocuts
Gallery of
 lino prints

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Rollers, cutters, traditional and soft cut (white) lino.

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Studio Arts
Great art shop in Lancaster and also online.
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good value water based inks, rollers, cutters
and easy cut (dark grey) "lino"

Quick draw supplies
Sell through Ebay..
Dark grey soft cut "lino". I prefer this type.  They also do rollers.

George Weill
Daler  System 3 Block printing medium.Printfest
Important selling exhibition
in Ulverston featuring etchers, woodcutters and lino printers from across Britain.
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